Upper Body Push/Press and Core Progressions

Previous blog posts have included the double leg squat, double leg hinge, lunge, and vertical/horizontal push progressions. Proper progression will optimize gain, prevent boredom and reduce the stress that can lead to overtraining (Haff & Triplett, 2016). In this blog post, I will discuss the push/press and core progressions that I generally use when progressing … Continue reading Upper Body Push/Press and Core Progressions

Brief Overview For Power Development

Power, a unit measured as work/time, can be enhanced with a properly designed regimen that specifically focuses on power development (McGuigan, 2017). Specifically, the three common variables that determine power are force, displacement, and time. An increase in power can improve sprinting, jumping, throwing, change of direction and other forms of rapid movements. From a … Continue reading Brief Overview For Power Development

Vertical/Horizontal Pull Progressions

Vertical and horizontal upper body pull exercises target the upper body posterior region of the body (Earle, 2016). In this blog post, I will briefly discuss the three simple progression that I use for both vertical and horizontal upper body movements. Vertical: 1. Lat Pull-Down: The lat pull-down is a multi-joint back exercise that targets … Continue reading Vertical/Horizontal Pull Progressions

Lunge Progressions

The lunge movement primarily targets the lower body musculature. Specifically, the lunge targets the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, iliopsoas, and quadriceps (Haff & Triplett, 2016). In this blog, I will briefly discuss the lunge progressions that I use and attach a video for all five movements. First, let me breakdown each movement in order of progression: … Continue reading Lunge Progressions

Double Leg Squat Progressions

Recently, I posted a video on my Instagram page about the double leg squat progressions that I use for assessing the body weight squat movement and by adding an overload for future progressions. Once an individual masters the bodyweight squat movement, one progresses to the next movement and so on (example: bodyweight squat to goblet … Continue reading Double Leg Squat Progressions

What is Speed? The Basics of Assessing and Analyzing Speed

Have you ever heard of the saying “speed kills”? Speed can be the difference of a win or loss, a point scored, a blocked punt, or even a better race time. An athlete who is faster than their opponent tend to have the advantage simply due to the fact that a faster athlete can move … Continue reading What is Speed? The Basics of Assessing and Analyzing Speed